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How to create a default user profile template that automates plugins & updates

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Last updated: 23 Feb, 2012

Currently when new Active Directory accounts log onto a server and open up IE or Firefox they often have to install flash plugins, Java updates, etc. If the accounts are restricted users, they do not have rights to install these updates. Every time a new user is created they will be prompted to install the needed updates. Even if an admin account installs the updates, the installation is required for every profile.


  1. Create a blank user profile (user name is NC in this example).
  2. Set all the plugins and updates up properly for this user.
  3. Log on as a local admin or a domain admin user.
  4. Make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" option is on.
  5. Copy the content in folder "C:\Documents and Settings\NC" to folder "C:\Documents and Settings\Default User"

From now on, all new users logging on to the system start off with a new tempate that includes all the plugins and updates.

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