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NComputing Deployment Checklist for L-series, M-series, and vSpace Client

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Last updated: 17 Jul, 2012

NComputing Deployment Checklist for L-series, M-series, and vSpace Client


This document is intended to provide a detailed overview of the three stages of an L-series, M-series, and vSpace Client deployment:

  • Pre-deployment
  • Host Deployment
  • NComputing Product Installation.

Below you'll find a consolidated list of resources related to each of these three deployment stages. We encourage anyone who is planning an L-series, M-series, or vSpace Client deployment to go through this checklist to gain a complete overview of what to expect from this process.

Note that the L-series, M-series, and vSpace Client are very similar to each other in terms of the software they use and the way in which they interact with a vSpace Server. For this reason the vast majority of configuration, troubleshooting, and server tuning resources available for the L-series also apply to the M-series and vSpace Client.

1.0 Pre-Deployment / Planning

1.1 Review the Product Manual

1.2 Review the LAN Provisioning Guide

1.3 For deployments on ESX or Hyper-V, review the VM Deployment Guides

1.4 Review Microsoft's OS Licensing Guidelines

1.5 Review Host Scaling Guide

1.6 Confirm OS version and Service Pack support

1.7 Download the latest version of vSpace and associated Release Notes*

*Note: Make sure to read the Release Notes for release-specific information.

2.0 Host Deployment / Tuning

2.1 Perform clean install of OS

  • We recommend the use of a new, “clean” OS install when creating a vSpace host for the first time.

2.2 Perform Windows Updates

  • Unless otherwise instructed by NComputing Technical Support, Windows should be fully updated.

2.3 Update System Drivers

  • For updated drivers and BIOS versions, consult your motherboard manufacturer's website.
  • Be sure to check for the following:
    • BIOS Updates
    • NIC Drivers
    • Motherboard Drivers
    • Audio Drivers
    • PCI Drivers
    • Video Drivers

2.4 Configure Power Management

  • It is recommended that all hibernation and power saving features be disabled on vSpace hosts to prevent complications with user sessions and terminal connections. Instructions for changing these settings can be found in the Window Tunings Guide linked in section 2.6.

2.5 Configure Firewall / Antivirus

2.6 Perform Windows Tuning Tasks

2.7 Apply the desired "Look and Feel" for your selected OS environment

2.8 Configure RDS User Group

2.9 Create Desired Local User Accounts

  • Add users accounts to your host system via your respective operating system’s administration tools

2.10 Clone Drive / Create Backup Image

  • At this stage it is recommended that administrators create a Master Image of their host configuration using their imaging/backup utility of choice.

3.0 NComputing Product Installation

3.1 Install and Register vSpace

  • Detailed steps for vSpace Installation and Registration are provided in the User Manuals for each NComputing product. Refer to the links in section 1.1 Review the Product Manual.

3.2 Connect and Activate L-series and M-series Devices* 

  • Refer to the respective product’s user manual for the steps needed to connect peripherals to your device, setup the firmware, connect to your host and then run the Registration Wizard to activate the connected device(s).

*Note: vSpace Client does not require a client-side registration or activation step. Simply install and register the desired number of user licenses on your vSpace Server as outlined in the vSpace Client User Manual.

3.3 Update Terminal Firmware

  • The L-series and M-series firmware update process can be initiated from the client side or from the server side. For client side firmware update instructions, consult the device’s User Manual (section 1.1). For server side instructions, consult the vSpace Management Console Guide linked below in section 3.4.

3.4 Configure NC Console

3.5 Configure RDS License Server and set to “User Mode”

4.0 Support and Additional Resources

NComputing Technical Support

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